O….K…. so I’m thinking it’s time…


It’s been :forever: since I’ve written a post on my blog. So much has happened! Nothing super exciting though 😛

I guess the biggest thing that’s relevant here is that I have not been on the Dukan Diet since before I left Japan….and there’s one thing I want to say to everyone reading this and it’s that if the Dukan Diet is working for you … STAY ON IT!! 😉

I have put weight on (scared to weigh myself amount) since I stopped the diet because I didn’t follow it through the 4 stages, just like Dr. Dukan says. I’ve noticed a big difference in my body…and my face is looking chubby again (I don’t like that >.<)

I started the diet around this time last year, and I think it’s time for a re-start. I want to get skinny again for summer…and forever :D….and I WAS skinny. Size 14 skinny jeans, ahem 😉

I have been really hesitant to do so as I have become totally reliant on carbs again >.< It’s taking the first step that’s hard.

My plan is tomorrow tonight to re-read the Dukan Diet book and get excited again 😀

Wish me luck 😉



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  1. Ugh… Everything you’re describing, Lauren, is how I’d describe my journey. I’ve been SO lax on the diet recently, and my face, too, is looking chubby.

    I’m scared to post back on my blog again, given how much weight I’ve put back on – I’m almost tempted to start a new blog!! (plus, I get comments from all sorts of random people telling me off (TELLING ME OFF!) when I blog about stuff I’ve eaten that I shouldn’t have done. I hate that.)

    Time to re-read, you’re absolutely right. I’ll join you in this endeavour.


    • So good to hear from you 🙂 Your blog was the first place I was heading next…after the little re-design ^.^

      Hmmm about the people. You can take it 2 ways: 1) they genuinely care about you and what you eat and your diet progress or 2) they are blog trolls who look to say crap to stir your pot and you don’t need to pay any attention to them. They need to understand that you are the one putting yourself out there for their benefit as well as yours and unless you have expressly asked for a rap on the knuckles when you eat the wrong thing it’s not their place to say so.

      My 2 cents is don’t start a new blog. You have built a great resource for people, and a record of your journey so far. No doubt, you already get a ton of traffic, so keep it as it is.

      Let me know how you go with the re-read xoxo

      • Dear Lauren, Ive only recently found your blog and I wondered how you were going on now. Im so pleased your coming back to the low-carb fold again. You had so much success and you know you can do it again. That first weigh-in is a pig but its positive in that you can celebrate that its the last time you’ll be that size. Be determined to stick with it and Ill follow your journey with interest, I love all the crafty stuff too. How do you cope without your hubby? I’d go spare! I guess you have supportive friends too which helps. looking foward to reading your diary of Attack version 2!

      • Thanks so much! ^_^
        I am actually home now with my hubby having a great time 🙂 It was difficult but at the same time ok. We skyped every day and even left it open while we were doing things in our respective houses like housework!
        I’m looking forward to the Attack v2.0 as well 😉
        ….actually the hubby and I are watching Firefly episode 1 atm, then I will get right on to the book 😀 Yay for Firefly ^.^ Yay for Dukan ^.^ ….. winning!

  2. Hi,
    I have a quick question for you…I read that you started this diet before you left Japan. I am currently living here and was wondering where you found oatbran, or maybe you remember the name of it in Japanese. Either would be very very helpful! Best of luck on getting back on the diet!


    • Hi JD 🙂
      I actually stopped doing the Dukan diet while I was in Japan…
      The only place I saw Oatbran was at an international grocery store in Nagoya. I have heard you can buy it in Tokyo too.
      Sorry if I’m not much more help >.<

  3. You’re watching Firefly! I LOVE FIREFLY! You’ve seen it before though, right? If not – I’m so jealous! You’re in for SUCH a treat! If only I could forget all I know about Firefly (just for a few days) and watch it all again fresh…

    • Oh ‘I’ have seen Firefly…but the hubby hasn’t!! It was after the little chat with you actually that I watched the whole season (in record time) while I was in Japan…..then I watched ALL of Castle (and before that I watched ALL of Chuck!)

      • Lucky hubby… 🙂

        And how great is Castle?! Next thing you need to watch then (as your TV pimp) is A Game Of Thrones. Holy crap that’s some good telly right there. If you can get through the first episode (which is pretty harrowing) then you’ll be hooked. I just watched the entire season for a second time, and it only ended 6 weeks ago or so.

        Hmm… what else should you watch? Oh! Farscape. One of the best scifis ever to be made, once you get over the fact that half the characters are out of Jim Henson’s workshop.


  4. I’ve never left a comment here, but just wanted to say you can do it! And thanks for sharing. I’m still in Phase 2, but this really hammers home why I need to stick to it all the way through. Your blog has been inspiring and helpful, and you have readers who have nothing but admiration and want the best for you. Good luck!

    • Thank you so much Gillian 🙂 it’s comments like yours that make blogging so valuable. Not only your super nice words, but also the fact that if my fumble of stopping the diet and putting some kilos back on is a real life motivation for other people not to do the same thing then it’s great! How are you going with your diet so far?

      • Pretty good! 35 lbs gone so far (in just under 3 months), with 29 more to go. I can’t wait to reintroduce fruit and some grains, though it is a little scary adding things on again. I’ve been very disciplined so far (no slipups) and your blog has been really helpful. We’re rooting for you!

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