Getting Excited :D


So I read The Dukan Diet book again (up to the end of the Attack phase) and it’s all coming back to me. You wouldn’t believe how much stuff you forget when you have a lot of new stuff to learn….such as a whole new language and culture >.<

Now that I have refreshed my knowledge starting the Dukan Diet again is sounding a lot less scary than it was a week ago. I was really hesitant to start again when I thought of just eating protein…but it’s really not that scary, in fact, it’s a little exciting.

I swear my body is even excited after I made my decision (my ankles are looking less puffy 😛 )

Since I have been off the diet there has been a !huge! insurgence of DD blogs, websites and forums, which is fantastic for anyone who is on or beginning the diet. I have spent ages yesterday and today clicking around and finding LOTS of delicious recipes that I can’t wait to try. Then again, I’m looking forward to a steak with a little mustard on the side for dinner 🙂

I hopped back on the official Dukan website and re-calculated my goal weight. Some of the figures are different from the first time….such as my starting weight and my goal. Ok, here it is….I currently weigh 92kg. That was hard. I have eaten whatever I want for the past 6 months, and it shows. I am still 7kg down from my heaviest weight, but it also means that I have put back on around 13kg. It is appalling. Please let me be a lesson that you don’t have to learn yourself. If you sound like me, or relate to me in any way, please DON’T STOP the diet until the end (well since it never really ends….just don’t stop at all ^.^ ) I am the typical obese person that Dr. Dukan talks about that can’t survive without the strict structure and constant on-the-ball-ness of the Dukan Diet. But I’m here and I’m open and honest about it.

On a more positive note, phew, let’s talk about my goal 🙂 I entered my goal weight into the survey-thingy as 65kg. I don’t know if that’s possible but it feels more achievable now that I’m starting at a lower weight. The online calculator said that my goal would be 68.9 kg. Here is the run down…..

I don’t plan on joining the coaching as I feel I have received enough support from family and friends (yes that’s you) without spending the extra $$.

I’m planning to start Dukan 2.0 on Monday….exciting!



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  1. Great news – Youre back! Good luck with Attack. And, if your REALLY bored one rainy afternoon please check out my blog I have to say reading the blogs of others (specially Charlotte’s) and their ups and downs has given me a really positive, but really realistic, view of this diet. I hope other people read them and are inspired too. My goal weight is 68Kg, im 5’7″ and were both 92Kg now -twins! Im 33lbs down in 75 days and feeling better than ever. Congrats on having the courage to get back on the dieting, and blogging, horse.

    • Hey 🙂 It doesn’t have to be a rainy afternoon!….although it kind of was one here today 😛
      I checked out your blog the other day and it’s great! I’m going to update my links soon and I will be linking through to your blog. I started reading from the start today but I had to go out shopping for Dukan! so I will continue to read when I get some more time xo

      That’s awesome that we are the same weight! It will be a competition between us 😉 Of the healthy variety of course 😉 I’m 165cm (5’5) and my goal is 69kg :)….the race is on 😉

  2. Good to hear your back – receiving your blog to by inbox has inspired me to do the same and get back on track – I have recalculated my weight and according to the good doctor, I can be there by November. Love your blogs and thanks for the inspiration

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