One more sleep


I have only one more sleep till I get to start the Dukan Diet 🙂 That is so exciting for me because I can’t wait to see that weight start falling off again.

I was planning on doing some cooking  in preparation today, but unfortunately I haven’t used my time very wisely and will have to do it when I get home tonight after dinner at my parents house. This will definitely be my last supper 😛

Tonight I hope to make some diet jelly, beef rissoles and mini quiches (thanks Charlotte 😛 ) in preparation for the first Attack day. Hopefully I can get it all done, I hate cooking when I’m tired 😦



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  1. Hey, got a question for you 🙂 – how did you add the blogs you follow on wordpress. what did you use? i’m trying to switch to word press :)but still trying to figure it out! 🙂 thx

    • Actually I’m pretty sure you can’t 😦 That is just a blogger thing ….
      You can’t have the google followers widget either, that’s not yet working for wordpress, but it might come eventually.

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