Dukan 2.0 – Attack Day 4


sick sick sick today 😦

short post before I go to bed.

Here’s what I ate, can’t remember if it’s in this order…

50g Chicken Breast
1 Babybel Light
few tbsp Cottage Cheese
4 small slices Roast Beef with Dijon Mustard

No oatbran today 😦

To drink I had LOTS of Coke Zero, about 1L water and a cup of tea.

Tonight we went out for dinner to a really nice restaurant for my father in laws 60th birthday. Because I was feeling sick and feel like rubbish I had every intention to eat some veggies or some potato…whatever I decided.
In the end I (along with 3 others) ordered a mixed grill. It had lamb, beef, chicken breast and bacon….and a TON of potato wedges, sour cream and some veggies, we ordered the sauce on the side, which was like a mushroom gravy. Guess what I ate?? Lamb, beef, chicken breast, bacon & a few spoonfuls of mushroom gravy 🙂 I am so proud of myself 😀 Mind you I probably ate 450g meat >.< so I was very full and didn’t NEED to eat anything else.
When it was time for the birthday cake for a moment I thought I would have some cake because I didn’t really break Dukan at all. My brothers girlfriend took my spoon away so that made up my mind…no cake! *I got high 5’s and hugs 😀 Thanks team, you rock xo* Instead I had a skinny weak cappuccino with sweetener, it was dessert enough, and very yummy.

Guess what?? The bacon had some fat in it and before we had left the restaurant I already had to go to the bathroom. After only 4 days of Dukan and my body is already rejecting fat…go body! (Not so much fun but hey, it’s good to know I’m already getting healthier).

Oh, this morning I weighed 91.3, so I only lost 200g overnight, but thats 1.7kg in 3 days, so that’s great 🙂


OSW: 99    RSW: 93   CW: 91.3 😀


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  1. WELL DONE!!! 🙂 Friends are the best for hitting those “meh, who cares” moments on the head.

    I’m not getting enough exercise, I’m only down 1kg total on day four. The weather is HORRIBLE here right now. Edinburgh has had it’s summer, and it’s now all over red rover.

  2. Well done on the self control when faced with such great temptation. Its nice to still be able to go out and enjoy penty of food so you dont feel hard done by, nor guilty for cheating on your diet – I try and have a mixed grill when I eat out for dinner too. Brilliant news on the weight loss so far too ;@)

  3. Well done! Particularly for sticking it out while you’ve been feeling ill. Perhaps it’s just your body getting rid of toxins as you get back into dukan mode. Stick it out and can pay off for sure. Good luck!

  4. Just stubbled across your blog – just started the Dukan! I’ll be along for the ride with you! Love the recipes. Hope you’re feeling better.

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