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First ‘real’ meal in Japan


On the day I arrived in Nagoya a week before training was to start, so did another teacher….Abhi, from Melbourne too! Crazy 😛

We went out for dinner during that week and I’m glad to say that I got to eat real Japanese food. The restaurant was called ‘Asia’.

Abhi and I at dinner

And what I ate….yum!!

Bottom right hand corner = very spicy! lol



Day 15 – Cruise (PP)


This morning I lost .5kg which I am super excited about, bring my weight to 93.9kg and my total weight loss to 5.1kg…. a mini milestone! Yay 🙂

I had one of those days today, where I felt so busy but at the end of the day I thought, what did I even get done? Well, I at least got to go for my walk in the morning, that was something. Tomorrow will be an even busier day with house cleaning, cooking and homework, well that’s the plan anyway 🙂

Breakfast: tub Nestle ForMe Cheesecake flavoured Yoghurt

Lunch: 1 slice Ham, 1 slice Smoked Salmon, 2 tbsp Cottage Cheese, 2 Gherkins

Dinner: Taco Bills (First time going out for dinner!) I was quite a bit nervous about asking just for meat for dinner, but it worked out really well. I spoke to the owner who was really nice in accommodating me. I had Chicken & Beef Fajitas minus everything except the Chicken, Beef and Onion. I also got a fried Egg on top. Can I say it was just delicious!!! My dinner was so tasty and I didn’t feel one bit left out when I was surrounded by sour cream and cheese. I must admit I wasn’t willing to share one little bit with anybody though 😛

Snack: Skinny Cow Ice Cream Sundae

Drinks: 1.4L Water, 3 glasses Coke Zero

Exercise: 30 minute Walk 🙂


SW: 99    CW: 93.9