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Movies on a Monday


Having A LOT of spare time on my hands in Japan I have been able to watch a lot of movies. I love movies, so it’s really great 🙂

I wanted to share with you two of my favourite movies I have watched just recently…..


(If you can’t see the subtitles, press the CC button on the bottom of the video)

Amelie was recommended to me by my good friend Jen of Chuckles Designs. This movie cheered me right up on my saddest day so far in Japan. I think it has magical powers 🙂


Fantastic Mr. Fox

When Fantastic Mr. Fox first came out I chose not to see it because I love the Roald Dahl story and I thought it looked too different from that. But this really was such a great movie 🙂
The characters, the design and the animation, all well, Fantastic 😉

Have you seen either of these movies? What did you think?

What is your favourite movie that puts you in a good mood?