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Day 142 – Cruise (PP)


A very interesting morning on the scales, after a number of different times, I weighed 73.1!!! I am more confused than excited ^.^?? My scales are normally very reliable, so I don’t know what’s going on. I don’t even know if it’s physically possible to drop 3kg in one day?

When I got home from work I weighed myself again, and after a day of eating and drinking lots I was up to 74 (a regular jump for me at the end of the day)…and still 2kg less than I weighed yesterday morning. I don’t know what’s going on and I’m very curious as to what I weigh tomorrow morning.

Breakfast: Oat Bran Porridge

Snack: Diet Jelly & Yoplait ForMe Fruit Yoghurt

Lunch: Beef Jerky (whoops, I ate the whole thing!), Pastrami and Chicken Breast

Snack: Silverside

Dinner: Roast Chicken (lots 😦 it was an easy dinner)

Drinks: LOTS of water (more than 3L I would imagine) and quite a bit of Coke Zero too.

Exercise: 30 minute walk on Mum’s treadmill 🙂 (maybe it’s the regular exercise that I’ve been doing??)


SW: 99    CW: 73.1


Day 140 – Cruise (PV)


Another giant loss today (which is really yesterday coz I got home too late after the Metallica concert to post!) 75.9…my first time in the 75’s yet, it’s a fun place to be 🙂

A quick rundown of what I ate:

Breakfast: 1 Chocolate Oatbran Muffin & 1 tub Nestle Yoghurt

Snack: 3 Sugar Free Lollies

Lunch: Left over Savoury Beef Mince

Dinner: Sliced Chicken Breast, Slice Turkey Breast & Gherkin Cottage Cheese

Snack: 1 Chocolate Oat Bran Muffin

Drinks: 2L Water & a few glasses of Coke Zero

Exercise: 30 minute walk on mum’s treadmill, 20 minutes of walking to and from the concert to parking & 2 hours of standing and rocking at Metallica >)


SW: 99    CW: 75.9

Day 139 – Cruise (PV)


Woohoo! 76.6kg today, three losses three days in a row 😀 I wonder how long I can keep this up?

I allowed myself to get hungry today, but on reflection it was probably more that I didn’t drink enough water during the day….so I had to make up for it in the evening.

Here’s what I ate today…

Breakfast: Skinny Weak Caramel Cappuccino from Gloria Jeans

Snack: Nestle Apricot Yoghurt

Lunch: Small Roasted Chicken Breast

Snack: 1 sugar free Lolly and Diet Jelly

Dinner: Savoury Mince

Snack: 2 Chocolate Oatbran Muffins & 1 sugar free Lolly

Drinks: 2L Water & a couple of glasses of Coke Zero

Exercise: 30 minutes on my Mum’s treadmill and about an hour of walking around a fete 🙂


SW: 99    CW: 76.6 😀

138 – Cruise (PP)


Yay 77.2kg today (another 0.5kg lost overnight). The lowest I have been since starting Dukan was 76.9…hope I get back there really soon 🙂

Feeling really skinny today 🙂 My skinny jeans are no longer called that because they stick to my legs….but because I’m getting too skinny for them! (that is the size 14 pair if you were wondering!)

We are going to see Harry Potter 7 Part 1 tonight! Awesome! I love Hermione…I used to call her Her-Me-Own until I read book 4 and she had to correct Viktor Krum when he pronounced her name wrong! (like me!) funny 🙂

And to my brother Mark: I will not be 30 by the time the last HP comes out (I will be 27 in fact), and you are still coming with me 🙂

Here’s what I ate today…

Breakfast: Yoplait ForMe Fruit Yoghurt

Snack: 2 Chocolate Oatbran Muffins and 1 Sugar Free Lolly

Lunch: Left over Beef and Chicken Sausages…yum!

Snack: Sugar Free Jelly

Dinner: Bacon and Eggs

Snack: Sugar Free Lollies Roast Chicken Breast

Drinks: 2L Water and Coke Zero/Pepsi Max

Exercise: 30 minute Walk on Mum’s treadmill 🙂

**Edit: Just got back from seeing Harry Potter…..OMG AWESOME! I loved it! Can’t wait for the last one 🙂 Gonna read the book again 😀


SW: 99    CW: 77.2 😀

Day 137 – Cruise (PP)


Ooooh! A nice surprise this morning….77.7kg! That’s a 0.7kg loss since yesterday 😀

I was in a much better mood today, the carb cravings have disappeared quickly 🙂 I have found that my appetite has all but disappeared again, don’t you love how protein does that to you??

Today was my first first time donating blood! (Hence the 3L of Water!) They had all of these cakes and bikkies for you to eat afterwards to regain your strength, but I brought along my Oat Bran Muffins to eat 😛

Here’s what was on the menu today…

Breakfast: 2 left over Beef Sausages with 1 Fried Egg

Lunch: 4 thin slices Turkey Breast, 4 thin slices Chicken Breast and 1/2 tub Onion and Chive Cottage Cheese

Snack: Small amount of Roast Chicken Breast and Diet Strawberry Jelly

Snack: 2 Chocolate Oat Bran Muffins

Dinner: Some Beef and Chicken Heart Smart Sausages cooked on the BBQ

Drinks: 3L Water and 3 Glasses Coke Zero

Exercise: 30 minute Walk


SW: 99    CW: 77.7 😀

Day 136 – Cruise (PP)


Ok, so it’s my first day back on the Dukan Diet after an extended break 😛

The only downfall was that I was a bit grumpy today, no doubt my body missing the carbs.

Not exactly very strict today, some tolerateds snuck in, almost like weaning back on to the diet. I was at home today and ate kind of whenever so here’s what I ate:

Tub Yoplait ForMe Fruit Yoghurt
Smoked Chicken Breast with 1 tbsp Salsa (chunks removed) and 1 tbsp Extra Light Philadelphia Cream Cheese
4 tiny pieces of this Sugar-Free Liquorice I found…really weird tasting.
Jarrah Chai Latte
2 Chocolate Oat Bran Muffins. I added 1 tbsp of Cocoa to the mixture and cooked them at 160 degrees Celsius and for 45 minutes…turned out beautifully 🙂
Tiny amount of Roast Chicken from the supermarket
3 Heart Smart Beef Sausages….New to Safeway…Really good!! I had 4 on my plate, but there was no way I could eat more than 3 😛

2L Water
2 glasses of a diet soft drink (a bit more than the 1cal per glass but I had no Coke Zero!)

So you see what I mean, a couple of tolerateds snuck in….But it’s a pretty good effort I feel.

I can’t wait to try my Sausage Casserole recipe with Beef Sausages, as opposed to Kangaroo! Maybe my mum will eat it now 😛

Oh! How could I forget….this morning I weighed 78.4, so I had gone back up a bit after 10 seriously non-dukan days. I could easily see how if I had have kept eating the way I was that the weight would slowly creep back on, which is scary! I guess that’s why consolidation is so important. I really can’t wait for consolidation. To be able to eat more like a regular person, and go out for dinner without breaking the diet.

Talk to you soon,


SW: 99    CW: 78.4

Day 125 – Cruise (PV)


76.9 again, but that’s perfectly fine.

So glad it was Friday today, even though it was only 3 days since the last day off!!

Here’s what I ate today:

Breakfast: Oat Bran Porridge

Snack: Beef Pastrami and Yoplait ForMe Fruit Yoghurt

Lunch: Roast Chicken (no skin)

Snack: Skinny Cow Ice Cream Sundae

Dinner: Raw Veggies, Cold Meat, Chicken and Beef Skewers and a little Cottage Cheese at games night with my fellow Dukan chickies!! Everybody else ate really healthy too….because Dukan peeps supplied the food 😛 It was such a nice atmosphere

Snack: 1 Double D Sugar Free Lolly

Drinks: Over 2L Water and a few glasses of Coke Zero

Exercise: A very active day today, did dancing with the grade 6’s for and hour and a half, so if you actually count up the time moving it would have added up to at least half an hour.


SW: 99    CW: 76.9