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A visit to Costco


A while ago now, a Costco was built in Melbourne. It is an American chain that is a giant supermarket that also sells TV’s and Clothes (amongst many other things). I went for the second time yesterday and I wanted to share with you some of the things I bought, as I know that being on the Dukan Diet makes your grocery bill quite a bit larger (but honestly when you minus all of the money I would have been spending on take away I’m sure it balances itself out).

30 Eggs $4.99

700g Turkey Mince $5.29

Lean Beef Mince $8.99/kg

Skinless Chicken Breast $10.99/kg

500g Sliced Ham $5.99

500g Sliced Turkey Breast $9.49

1kg Smoked Salmon $23.99

I also bought some vegetables as I am on the Cruise phase now.

Don’t go there on a day where your resolve might be a little weak, as they have soooo much unhealthy food there, particularly in the bakery. They have Apple Pies as round as basketballs and more than 2 inches thick. They have a tray of 20 GIANT cupcakes with tons of frosting for $20. The list could go on and on….and does.

They do have a lot of dairy products there, unfortunately none of them come close to being less than 2% fat….think wheels of Brie and Camembert 25 cms wide.

In fact, if you go to Costco, avoid the bakery and cheese fridges altogether unless you are planning a party šŸ™‚

To go to Costco you need to have a membership, which costs $60. Or you can go with a friend who is already a member (they can take 2 guests in a visit), the only thing if you do that is that all of the items go on the same receipt, but you can get subtotals in between as it all must be paid for in one.