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My first apartment


Well to say I was worried about where I would be living in Japan would be an understatement! Peppy Kids Club had totally prepared us that we would be living in a tiny place….3m x 6m in total, this is known as a 1K apartment (for one person). But until I got there, I had no idea what that would be like.

KTC Kenshu Centre in Nagoya
(apartments and big office spaces for training)

My first accommodations were at the KTC kenshu centre (training centre), where I stayed for one week, here is a quick video tour…

It had a nice big living area with lots of storage and then past the sliding doors there was a kitchen and laundry (open space) and a toilet and bathroom (behind doors šŸ˜› )

I really liked it here. Some of the other teachers had problems with their heating, so they actually slept in the cupboard because it was warmer!



New Arrival


So this massive adventure started on January 4, when I left my friends and family at Melbourne Airport. I flew to Sydney where I had to wait till the very last minute to see if I was going to get on the plane to Tokyo….I was flying staff travel and the plane was well and truly over sold. There were 3 of us waiting (I probably had the least priority) and I have never been so worried before in my life! With minutes until the plane was due to take off, the lady at the QANTAS check in counter said ‘OK’! We were all over the moon! We checked in our bags, and she handed me the boarding pass, I know that once you have that in your hand you a guaranteed a seat!….I got a seat in BUSINESS CLASS! OMG sweet šŸ™‚ after all the stress this was awesome! We practically ran to customs, flew through the line, again, nearly ran to the gate (no time for duty free šŸ˜¦ ) and joined the last few people in line waiting to get on board. Made some last quick phone calls home to let them know I got on the plane and I would talk to them soon.

On the plane it was fantastic! I had a window seat and was sitting next to this guy who was the flight attendants brother (one of the other passengers waiting with me). The gave me a blanket and pyjamas ( I flew overnight) and a little toiletries bag. It was so fun šŸ™‚ In flight entertainment? A choice of movies, I watched ‘Life as we know it’. And then I went to bed, in a lying down position šŸ™‚ thank goodness for sleeper beds! After a good sleep I woke up to a yummy hot breakfast and was soon in Tokyo!

I had been given very precise instructions on what to do from when I arrived at the airport so after customs I caught a train to Tokyo, then a Shinkansen (bullet train) to Nagoya then a Subway to the suburb of the head office of Peppy Kids Club (all while carrying a heavy backpack, lap top bag and lugging my 28kg suitcase!). Each leg of this trip had so many nervous/exciting things about it that I could write about each one and make this post more of a novel than it already is, so I won’t. šŸ˜›

The Shinkansen I travelled on to Nagoya

But I will say one thing, I got to see THE most amazing thing on my Shinkansen ride….

Mt Fuji!!!!

(view from the train)