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First meal in Japan


After my massive 22 hours of travelling I arrived at the head office where I got turned away for a few hours because I was too early. They suggested I go to the local, you guessed it, McDonalds! and wait there.

So my first meal in a country with amazingly different food to back home was….

At least I ordered a teriyaki burger 😛

In Australia we call McDonalds, ‘Maccas’. The Candians of my training group found this so funny and strange. After many long discussions it was decided that we Australians have a very lazy version of the English language, lol! How many other shortened versions of words can you think of? 😛

On another note, after eating Maccas 😉 for only a few times (in nearly 2 months, not bad) I’ve decided that it makes me feel a bit sick afterwards. It’s very different than McDonalds in Australia (MSG?) and I don’t think I will be eating much of it from now on.