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Day 124 – Cruise (PP)


Didn’t get to enjoy 77.5 long….that’s because 76.9 decided to say hello! No complaints here 😀

Breakfast: Yoplait ForMe Fruit Yoghurt

Snack: Sliced Turkey Breast

Lunch: Small amount of Roast Chicken and Onion & Chive Cottage Cheese

Snack: Yoplait ForMe Fruit Yoghurt

Dinner: 2 small Flathead Fillets with a dodgy sauce made up of Natural Yoghurt, Gherkins & Mustard….Do not try this one at home kiddos!

Snack: Skinny Cow Ice Cream Sundae

Drinks: Approx 2L Water & Coke Zero

Exercise: 20 minute walk on Mum’s treadmill 🙂


SW: 99    CW: 76.9 😀


Day 122 – Cruise (PV)


Still 77.9 today, so I didn’t gain anything after all the carbs (quiet…phew!)

It was a public holiday today so I was at home for most of the time. We slept in VERY late too! Much more than I have in a long time…must have been tired, I’m not sure.

I had a grazing day today, eating only Dukan friendly foods. And for dinner I made delicious Meatballs in Tomato Sauce (all from scratch!) Isn’t it wonderful to have time to do things.

Here’s what I ate (at no particular meal time):

Yoplait ForMe Fruit Yoghurt
Diet Jelly
Beef Jerky
2 Double D Sugar Free Lollies
Skinny Cow Ice Cream
1 piece sliced Chicken Breast
Meatballs in Tomato Sauce
Yoplait ForMe ‘Fancy’ Yoghurt

Drinks: About 2L Water & 2 glasses Coke Zero

Exercise: 10 minute Walk on Mum’s treadmill 🙂


SW: 99    CW: 77.9

Day 96 – Cruise (PP)


Thanks so much to everyone for their congratulations on me achieving my mini goal. Normally I would reply to everyone individually, but tonight this is going to have to suffice as I am so ridiculously busy with my work and night school.

I couldn’t believe the scales this morning! They said 80.5 already 😛 I think I will have a good loss on Saturday (my Stats day).

I really enjoyed a second day of veggies today (I can’t get too used to it, not until consolidation anyway…which isn’t sounding too far away!)

Here’s what I ate today:

Breakfast: Oat Bran Porridge (tomorrow I will cook it for less time in the microwave to have it a runnier consistency)

Snack: 1/2 tub Onion & Chive Cottage Cheese and tub of Yoplait ForMe Cheesecake flavoured Yoghurt (I am yet to find the apple pie flavoured ones I have heard about….hmmm….apple pie….stop that Lauren!)

Lunch: Left over Beef Bolognese with 1 tbsp Extra Light Philadelphia Cream Cheese

Snack: 1 Babybel Light and about 5 small pieces of Beef Jerky

Dinner: At Taco Bills (Yay no cooking!) I had a Fajita Salad. Which was Spiced Beef and Chicken (tasting very similar to the recipe Charlotte!) served over mixed lettuce leaves, some cherry tomatoes, red onion & capsicum. Unfortunately I forgot to ask for no dressing! It didn’t mention it on the menu and I just assumed there wouldn’t be any…silly me. It had some kind of Balsamic/Oil Concoction poured over it, and for the most part it wasn’t too bad. I left the last 1/3 of the lettuce though as it was getting quite oily. I haven’t really eaten much oil since starting the diet, so I wasn’t too happy about eating it tonight, but other than that, the dish looked great and I didn’t feel like I was eating any differently from other people.

Drinks: 2L Water & Coke Zero

Exercise: 10 minute walk at recess 🙂


SW: 99    CW: 80.5 😀

Day 94 – Cruise (PP)


81.1 this morning! OMG so close! Tomorrow morning is my goal date, so I’m soooo hoping I lose the 100g….but I haven’t lost 2 days in a row for ages, so I’m not expecting much.

I decided to have another PP day today to maximise my chances of reaching my goal, but to make up for it I will have 2 PV days in a row from tomorrow, no matter what the scales say. I think it’s very important to be having vegetables for all the vitamins, minerals and fibre they provide, so I can’t just cut them out of my diet because I feel like it.

Breakfast: Yoplait Vanilla Yoghurt with Oat Bran

Snack: Jarrah Chocolatte & 4 Double D Sugar Free Lollies

Lunch: Some sliced Turkey and Ham, some Cottage Cheese and Gherkin

Dinner: 2 small Smoked Chicken Breasts (I think they had skin on them and I didn’t realise till I was just about finished eating!!!! 😦 )

Drinks: 2L Water, Bottle of Sugar Free V & Can of Coke Zero

Exercise: I took my runners to school and squeezed a short walk in at recess time (only 10 minutes again). Once again, naughty children made me stay in longer and miss out on my whole break 😛 But I did have yard duty at lunch and tried to not stop walking for the whole 20 minutes (had to stop for band-aids and the like 😛 )


SW: 99    CW: 81.1 😀

Day 93 – Cruise (PP)


Still 81.6 on the scales this morning…they flicked to 81.1 and 80.8, but went back to 81.6 and stayed there (I weighed myself a couple of times just to be sure 😛 )

First day back at work today, and our meeting went 20 minutes over, so I had to drive straight to night school in the city and I’ve just arrived home (10:20pm). I am sooo tired 😦

Let me tell you what I did DIDN’T eat at our after school meeting today: Lollies, Tim Tams (Regular, Dark Chocolate or White Chocolate), Snowballs, Crackers, Cheese, Kabana, Salami, Potato Chips, Sausage Rolls, Party Pies & Mini Quiches…oh or Fruit.
Yes, that’s right, I ate none of it! I really want to reach my next goal so badly (on time) I don’t want anything to get in my way.

Breakfast: Yoplait Berry Yoghurt with Oat Bran

Snack: Jarrah Chocolatte & 4 Double D Sugar Free Lollies

Lunch: Some sliced Turkey and Ham, some Cottage Cheese and Gherkin, I didn’t get to finish…no time 😦

Dinner: Chicken Tenders & Chicken Leg (no skin) from Oporto

Drinks: 2L Water & Coke Zero

Exercise: I took my runners to school and squeezed a short walk in at lunch time (around 10 minutes) it’s better than nothing. I would have been able to go for 20, but I had to keep some boys in for not doing work….which sucks, because it cuts into my break time.


SW: 99    CW: 81.6

Day 92 – Cruise (PV)


81.6 this morning 🙂 …at least things are heading down…still though, 3 days to loose 600g and reach my mini goal.

The weather was just absolutely fantastic again today, and I really enjoyed my walk in the sunshine.

Another thing that made me happy today is that my strawberry plants grew 3 new big flowers and 5 flower buds, which will be flowers in now time! I’m so happy! I guess the strawberries will be ready before consolidation 😛

Breakfast: Jarrah Chocolatte Hot Chocolate

Lunch: 4 Oopsie Rolls with Cream Cheese and Smoked Trout

Snack: Thinly sliced Turkey Breast and 3 tbsp Cottage Cheese

Dinner: Roast Chicken with Roast Pumpkin, Steamed Broccoli, Beans & Carrots and Stir Fried Onion, Garlic, Mushrooms & Asparagus

Drinks: 2L Water & Can of Coke Zero

Exercise: 30 minute Walk 😀


SW: 99    CW: 81.6 😀