Dukan 2.0 – Attack Day 2


I’m typing this from my phone, and it’s very fiddly so I apologize for the briefness. 800g down this morning after one day of attack 🙂 I was hoping for a kilo (but I guess that’s just a bit cheeky).

Breakfast: oat bran porridge

Snack: yoghurt, jelly, turkey slices, cottage cheese & a gherkin

Lunch: 2 Moroccan spiced turkey burgers & 1 mini quiche

Snack: beef jerky, yoghurt, jelly

Dinner: 3 Moroccan spiced turkey burgers (these rock by the way) I will share the recipe soon.

Drinks: 1.5L water & 600mL Pepsi max

Exercise: Nothing official (I have been go go go all day and am not even home yet – hence the posting from my iPhone)

Bigger post promised tomorrow 😉


OSW: 99 RSW: 93 CW: 92.2 😀


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  1. Nice one! What a good day 2. I have a theory that you always take of more after the second Attack weigh-in than you do on the first. As it happened, for me, I ended up pretty much doing a day of Attack on Sunday before my official start (I was so in the zone) and so my Day 2 weigh-in is more like my Day 3 weigh-in: 1.2kgs!!!!

    You’ll see the same thing tomorrow, I reckon, especially if you’ve had a hectic day today!

    Can’t wait for the moroccan burger recipe!


    • Oooh that would be nice. I’m not sure what I will weigh tomorrow but I have been MUCH less hungry today (still hungry, just not as much – it was ridiculous yesterday) thank goodness. Although I’ve eaten about the same I think. I’ve been having 2 yoghurts a day and I don’t remember having that many last time, and they’ve been helping with feeling full.

      1.2kg is awesome!!! I would be wrapt if I got that tomorrow xoxo

  2. I’m on Day 3 of the Dukan Diet. Extremely tired today did a hour cardio workout this morning which felt good, but I’m starting to feel, a bit grumpy now and looking forward to going to bed. I’m not going to give in to carbs I’m weighing myself tomorrow and I definitely feel like I’ve lost weight that’s for sure 

  3. I love your excitement — it practically jumps off the page, and is definitely contagious. I’m doing the diet as well and have been struggling through some plateaus recently, but feel re-energized now… 🙂

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