I am 26 years old and at a very busy point in my life right now – and loving it.

I am married with 1 cat.

I am a Primary School teacher and I teach grade 5/6.

I am studying Advertising and Graphic Design part time 2 nights a week.

I love sewing and crafting and have my own little blog Gentle Monkey.

I love reading, cooking and browsing the interwebs for cute ideas.



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  1. Hi came across your blog, im doing Dukan as well. Have lost nearly 8.5kgs in 6 weeks now. Your blog is great for ideas.
    Goodluck with your journey.

  2. Hi, Just doing some research on Dukan and came across your blog! Really encouraging to read of your progress and success on the diet. I am looking at starting this coming week.

  3. Just finishing the attach phase and struggling with cruise so your blog has been a great source of inspiration and ideas! Thanks very much

  4. Hey Lauren, I just went in to your gentlemonkey blog for the first time (only ever visited your dukan one before) and saw your obsession with rainbows so thought I’d share the cake I made for my daughter’s 2nd birthday with you – I had so much fun making it, and managed to only eat a small sliver ๐Ÿ˜‰ Hope this works – I’m not much good with technology….


  5. Hi, firstly well done on your success. im now starting cruise phase and have already lost 4kgs, only another 16 to go:) i noticed on all these blogs they mention vanilla yoghurt. i can find fiat free but they all contain sugar. can i use that or can you recommend one that doesnt contain sugar.


    • Hi Bev ๐Ÿ™‚ Good luck for your DUkan Diet! If you are in Australia and you can get the ForMe yoghurt that should be fine, as it is what everyone has here. I’m not sure about the sugar content (and I’m not currently in Australia and able to check!) I’m sure there would have been a very small amount. Let me know if you want to find out exactly, it may take a couple of days but I will try to find out for you.

  6. Hi there! Saw your blog through Charlotte’s… absolutely cute site and looks like you are doing well on the Dukan! My friend Rina and I just created a Dukan site and were wondering if we could link up with you?
    Check out our blog at http://www.rideena.com

    Have a good weekend!

  7. Hi,

    I live in Japan too and I was wondering where you buy your oat bran? I love using it to make muffins and I can’t find it for the life of me.. help!


  8. It’s funny to find a blog by another elementary teacher in Japan who is also doing Dukan! Not to mention we are the same age? Kind of bizarre. But anyways, thanks for all the info, the tofu pancakes are awesome.

  9. Hello! I’m leaving in Vietnam as expat as well, I just finished my second week in cruise phase and lost a total of 10 pounds, nice blog, keep the good work!

  10. Hi Lauren, I just wanted to thank you for your gorgeous site. I love the pretty layout and I really appreciate the photos you include with your recipes. I have lost 11 kilograms over the past seven weeks by following Dukan and hope to lose about five more kilograms. Thanks for the recommendation of Yoplait forme yoghourt, I hope to try it out over the weekend. Good luck with your weight-loss!

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