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Day 58 – Cruise (PV)


So…I am absolutely loving the veggies at the moment (especially tomato!) I think I will stop at 3 PV days and go back to my regular diet of 1PV/1PP day starting tomorrow (Monday).

This morning the scales stayed at 88.2 (no loss) but they did a “Biggest Loser Scales” on me and flicked between 87.3 and 86.5…then they stopped back on 88.2! I was so excited seeing those lower weights flicker for a second, so I’m hoping one of them sticks tomorrow on the scales 😛

This morning we went to watch our Nephew’s Footy Preliminary Final and they won! He is such a superstar (won the Best and Fairest for the season) 🙂 On the way home we stopped in the city at Costco and did another big shop. I didn’t have enough eggs to make my muffins….enough said 🙂 We spent far too much money, and will not need to buy Pine’o’Clean for a year 😛

Because we were up so early, we had our breakfast at the footy game. Everything came wrapped bread (except the Cappuccino!) but I wasn’t even interested in eating it. No doubt there was a bit of fat in what I ate, but that was far better than eating carbs or not having anything at all.

Breakfast: 1 sausage, 1 piece of Bacon, 1 fried Egg & a skinny Cappuccino

Lunch: Cottage Pie Filling with 2 tsp of Extra Light Cream Cheese stirred through…even better the next day!

Dinner: Some slices of Pumpkin Bread

Drinks: 1.5L Water & Coke Zero

Exercise: I was quite busy all day, out and about, but didn’t go for a designated ‘walk’.

We ended up going to the movies tonight, and since I hadn’t had any dinner yet I was really hungry and I could smell all the yummy food around me (I was a bit cross…like Charlotte!). I just closed my eyes and pictured myself at my goal weight and how that will feel and just like that the grumpiness went away and I got on with enjoying the movie…which was The Expendables…funny as 🙂


SW: 99    CW: 88.2