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Getting Excited :D


So I read The Dukan Diet book again (up to the end of the Attack phase) and it’s all coming back to me. You wouldn’t believe how much stuff you forget when you have a lot of new stuff to learn….such as a whole new language and culture >.<

Now that I have refreshed my knowledge starting the Dukan Diet again is sounding a lot less scary than it was a week ago. I was really hesitant to start again when I thought of just eating protein…but it’s really not that scary, in fact, it’s a little exciting.

I swear my body is even excited after I made my decision (my ankles are looking less puffy 😛 )

Since I have been off the diet there has been a !huge! insurgence of DD blogs, websites and forums, which is fantastic for anyone who is on or beginning the diet. I have spent ages yesterday and today clicking around and finding LOTS of delicious recipes that I can’t wait to try. Then again, I’m looking forward to a steak with a little mustard on the side for dinner 🙂

I hopped back on the official Dukan website and re-calculated my goal weight. Some of the figures are different from the first time….such as my starting weight and my goal. Ok, here it is….I currently weigh 92kg. That was hard. I have eaten whatever I want for the past 6 months, and it shows. I am still 7kg down from my heaviest weight, but it also means that I have put back on around 13kg. It is appalling. Please let me be a lesson that you don’t have to learn yourself. If you sound like me, or relate to me in any way, please DON’T STOP the diet until the end (well since it never really ends….just don’t stop at all ^.^ ) I am the typical obese person that Dr. Dukan talks about that can’t survive without the strict structure and constant on-the-ball-ness of the Dukan Diet. But I’m here and I’m open and honest about it.

On a more positive note, phew, let’s talk about my goal 🙂 I entered my goal weight into the survey-thingy as 65kg. I don’t know if that’s possible but it feels more achievable now that I’m starting at a lower weight. The online calculator said that my goal would be 68.9 kg. Here is the run down…..

I don’t plan on joining the coaching as I feel I have received enough support from family and friends (yes that’s you) without spending the extra $$.

I’m planning to start Dukan 2.0 on Monday….exciting!



Stats (17)


After a very up and down week, both with eating and the scales, I am very grateful to say I have lost 0.5 overall.

I am planning to stay completely on track for this week – starting with the weekend, as they have seemed to be my downfall lately.

So to achieve my next goal deadline, which is one week from today, I need to lose 1.4 kg, I think that might be manageable as I’ve had a relatively little loss this week.

Starting Weight: 99.0kg
Current Weight: 78.4kg
20.6kg Lost in 16 Weeks
0.5kg lost this week 🙂

Starting Body Fat Content: 44.7%
Current Body Fat Content: 37.6%
7.1% Lost in 15 Weeks
0.1% Gained from last week 😦

Starting Water Content: 39.4%
Current Water Content: 42.0%
2.6% Gained in 15 Weeks
Down 0.2 from last week 😦


SW: 99    CW: 78.4 🙂

Day 95 – Cruise (PV)


Yatta! 81.0kg, I made my goal….just in time! When I first hopped on the scales I was still 81.1 and I was quite sleepy, so I didn’t get too upset. Then later on as I was getting ready for work I weighed myself again and the scales said 80.5 (I was thinking whaaat?!) Then when I did it again (a couple of times more) they settled on 81 and stayed there.

Thank you so much to everyone for your kind words of encouragement and support…I have a sneaking suspicion the scales only dropped 100g because I willed them too, and with all of your thoughts as well!

I was VERY glad to be having veggies today, and really enjoyed the leafy greens I had at lunch. Veggies are so good.

So with achieving a mini goal, comes setting a new one…79kg! That means I will have lost 20kg!
I would like to stick to the plan of 1kg per week, but I think I might be pushing it as my weight loss has really slowed down I feel on the home stretch of the Cruise Phase. But, you have to aim for something, so…I hope to weigh 79kg on (or before) October 20, which is 2 weeks away 🙂

Here’s what I ate today:

Breakfast: Oatbran Porridge…why have I not had this sooner!

Snack: Yoplait ForMe Cheesecake Yoghurt, 1/2 tub Onion & Chive Cottage Cheese

Lunch: ‘Big’ Salad of Baby Spinach and Rocket with a little Carrot and Red Capsicum, & Sliced Chicken Breast. I also had about the equivalent of 1/2 egg mashed up with some lettuce (from the inside of little sandwiches…doesn’t it suck when lunch is free yet you have to bring your own!)

Snack: 3 small pieces Beef Jerky (I read on the Dukan chat that  it is allowed)

Dinner: Beef Bolognese with 1 Babybel Lite (my treat after reaching my goal!)

Drinks: 2L Water, Bottle of SugarFree V & Coke Zero

Exercise: Nothing 😦 It absolutely poured today and I even took my socks and runners to go for a walk in the lunch break and couldn’t get away


SW: 99    CW: 81 XD

Day 74 – Cruise (PV)


Taadaa!!!!! 84.9!!!! Today I am officially over the half way point, 14.1kg down, 13.9 to go. You haven’t seen a happier girl than me today…(well maybe in 13.9 kg 😛 )

This afternoon I was out at our local shopping centre and I wandered into K-Mart and wandered around the clothes section and wandered over to some jeans and picked them up. What was I thinking you ask? Well, I was thinking, size 14 stretch jeans…hmmm…I’d be deluding myself if I thought they’d fit (they looked tiny) but hey…I’ll try them on to see how close I am to being able to wear them.
5 minutes later I am staring at myself gobsmacked in the mirror zipping up a pair of size 14 stretch jeans. I turned this way and that… a little snug in places, but since they’re stretch in no time they’ll fit fine. I even whispered a phone call to my gorgeous husband in the change rooms describing where I was doing at what I was looking at…my eyes started to get teary at this point. He promptly insisted that I buy them…and so I did!
I tell you, I shouldn’t have driven home, I was still a little shocked to be honest. They should have ad campaigns for that: “Do not drink and drive” “Do not get awesomely surprised and drive” 😀

So as I sit here and share my wonderful day, I’m beginning to reflect on the past 74 days / 10.5 weeks, and think: In the grand scheme that is my life, how little time it has taken to turn my world around xoxo

Today’s Eats:
(Surprisingly hungry all day)

Breakfast: Tub Nestle ForMe Banana and Honey Yoghurt with 2 tbsp Oat Bran

Lunch: Sausage Casserole

Snack: 100g thinly sliced Ham

Dinner: 2 Egg Omelette with diced Bacon and Onions & 1 BabyBel Light

Snack: 1 Double D Sugar Free Lolly

Drinks: 2.5L Water

Exercise: Nothing today, so much work to get done before the end of term. I swear I will make up for it all on the holidays!


SW: 99    CW: 84.9

Day 71 – Cruise (PP) / Stats (11)


Hi Everyone! I’m so sorry to have dropped off the face of the earth over the past couple of days. After my slip up earlier last week, I have gotten right back into the swing of things for Dukan…except blogging! I have been EXTREMELY busy with work and social commitments…Hens Weekend Away for one!

Today I had a PP day, and was not very hungry for most of the day, but I still ate because I know you should. Here is a run down of what I ate today…

Breakfast: 2 Egg Omelette made with a dash of water (skim milk was past the date…didn’t effect the taste however the consistency was a little thinner, I didn’t mind it) with 1/4 finely chopped Onion and some finely chopped Bacon.

Lunch: Some small slices of Chicken Breast, 1 Hard Boiled Egg, 4 slices Silverside (from deli) all fat removed and 4 tiny Pickled Onions

Dinner: Some Roast Beef…first meal in my brother’s new house 🙂

Snack: Some fancy yoghurt that they kindly bought for me so I wouldn’t miss out on dessert 🙂 So sweet xoxo

Drinks: Not sure how much water & Coke Zero

Exercise: Does dancing between midnight and 3am this morning count?? 😛

Aaargh…no Oat Bran again, and I’m way too full to eat anything more now. Must do better tomorrow!

Because I stayed in the city last night, I didn’t get a chance to weigh myself this morning. Yesterday’s results…Stats (11)…can be seen on the graph below. Isn’t it so pretty, something to inspire anyone who is on or thinking about doing the Dukan Diet. So close to half way…my next mini goal – of which I hoped to achieve in the next 4 days (Sept 16).

Starting Weight: 99.0kg
Current Weight: 85.4kg
13.6kg Lost in total
1.0kg lost this week :)

Starting Body Fat Content: 44.7%
Current Body Fat Content: 39.5%
5.2% Lost in total
0.4% Lost this week

Starting Water Content: 39.4%
Current Water Content: 41%
1.6% Gained in total (up 0.4 from last week 🙂 )


SW: 99    CW: ?

Day 44 – Cruise (PV)


Sorry for my lack of daily posting, I have been busy and in quite a disenchanted mood….but now I’m back! Today I’m going to go and do lots of things that I like doing, to get back in my groove 🙂

Yesterday I was ‘wanting’ (not craving) lots of non-dukan foods, particularly savoury, chips, etc. But my resolve was even stronger and I didn’t have ANY!

On the scales this morning, I broke through a wonderful milestone and now I’m in the 80’s! 89.5kg to be exact. It feels pretty amazing 🙂 I have lost a total of 9.5kg in 6 weeks and 2 days, and I have only got 18.5kg to lose to be at my goal weight! I say ‘only’ but it sure is a lot less than 28kg to lose.

I only have 0.5kg to lose to reach my mini goal of 10kg lost by Aug 21st, so that is looking really good now. My NEXT goal will be to be 85kg…half way! I always give myself a timeframe of 1kg per week when I set my goals, and if it happens faster than that then awesome!

I will come back later and do a 2nd post about my menu today, just wanted to fill everyone in on how things are going.



Stats (5)


After another week, the scales are looking really good! Despite being sick I am in a very positive mood because I am on track to reaching my goals 🙂

Starting Weight: 99.0kg    Current Weight: 91.4kg      7.6kg Lost in total    1kg Lost this week And I achieved my mini goal of getting under 92 before the snow! Yay!

Starting Body Fat Content: 44.7%       Current Body Fat Content: 42.1%      2.6% Lost in total     0.4% Lost this week!!

Starting Water Content: 39.4%         Current Water Content: 39.1%          0.3% Lost in total      0.5% Gained this week creeping back to where I started

So it appears my body has now settled down and is looking at losing about 1kg a week, that is healthy at least. And although the drop is less drastic on the scales, it is really nice to see them drop from one kilo to the next.

I have already mentioned, but I will again, that my next goal is to lose a total of 10kg by the 21st of August, that is 3 weeks away today (and I will have to lose 2.4 more kilos). If I continue losing weight at 1kg per week that will be easily achieved, but I am really uncertain how I will go on holidays next week. I have no doubt that I will eat carbs on occasion and I wont be in control of the fats or sugars that I am eating, but I am really hoping that at least 4 hours of intense exercise per day will balance out whatever I eat. I’m not going to beat myself up about it, because I won’t enjoy my holiday otherwise. Even if I come back and I have gained weight….well that’s just the way it is. I will pick myself up and get right back on track when I am at home and in control again.


SW: 99    CW: 91.4