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First Sakura of the Season


This week Brad and I went to visit a shrine in Ueda and we were lucky enough to see our first Cherry Blossoms (Sakura) of the season. It was such a lovely surprise as I wasn’t expecting them till the end of the month at least.



Rainbow Scavenger Hunt


So when I got my new camera, a Canon s95, I decided to set myself a little challenge….To take a photo for each colour of the rainbow Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet. I took the photos on a day trip I took to Nagano city.

This was a little cafe/restaurant that was made inside an old bus ^.^

An elephant mascot out the front of a chemist…kawaii!

Pretty self explanatory 😛

Billboard outside a shop window…I love the hand drawn designs over the photo. I might try it myself one day.

Little boy statue out the front of a camera shop
(bad quality because I zoomed in really far >.<)

An indigo banner on the Kabuki Theatre in Nagano

A violet violet ^.^

My first apartment


Well to say I was worried about where I would be living in Japan would be an understatement! Peppy Kids Club had totally prepared us that we would be living in a tiny place….3m x 6m in total, this is known as a 1K apartment (for one person). But until I got there, I had no idea what that would be like.

KTC Kenshu Centre in Nagoya
(apartments and big office spaces for training)

My first accommodations were at the KTC kenshu centre (training centre), where I stayed for one week, here is a quick video tour…

It had a nice big living area with lots of storage and then past the sliding doors there was a kitchen and laundry (open space) and a toilet and bathroom (behind doors 😛 )

I really liked it here. Some of the other teachers had problems with their heating, so they actually slept in the cupboard because it was warmer!


First ‘real’ meal in Japan


On the day I arrived in Nagoya a week before training was to start, so did another teacher….Abhi, from Melbourne too! Crazy 😛

We went out for dinner during that week and I’m glad to say that I got to eat real Japanese food. The restaurant was called ‘Asia’.

Abhi and I at dinner

And what I ate….yum!!

Bottom right hand corner = very spicy! lol


First meal in Japan


After my massive 22 hours of travelling I arrived at the head office where I got turned away for a few hours because I was too early. They suggested I go to the local, you guessed it, McDonalds! and wait there.

So my first meal in a country with amazingly different food to back home was….

At least I ordered a teriyaki burger 😛

In Australia we call McDonalds, ‘Maccas’. The Candians of my training group found this so funny and strange. After many long discussions it was decided that we Australians have a very lazy version of the English language, lol! How many other shortened versions of words can you think of? 😛

On another note, after eating Maccas 😉 for only a few times (in nearly 2 months, not bad) I’ve decided that it makes me feel a bit sick afterwards. It’s very different than McDonalds in Australia (MSG?) and I don’t think I will be eating much of it from now on.