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My first apartment


Well to say I was worried about where I would be living in Japan would be an understatement! Peppy Kids Club had totally prepared us that we would be living in a tiny place….3m x 6m in total, this is known as a 1K apartment (for one person). But until I got there, I had no idea what that would be like.

KTC Kenshu Centre in Nagoya
(apartments and big office spaces for training)

My first accommodations were at the KTC kenshu centre (training centre), where I stayed for one week, here is a quick video tour…

It had a nice big living area with lots of storage and then past the sliding doors there was a kitchen and laundry (open space) and a toilet and bathroom (behind doors šŸ˜› )

I really liked it here. Some of the other teachers had problems with their heating, so they actually slept in the cupboard because it was warmer!